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June 20, 2011
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Witch Hunters by Tabnir Witch Hunters by Tabnir

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke

Technological boogiemen, Witch Hunters are essentially scientists who take up the duty of policing tech abuse.
The gestalt of knowledge at this point is so great that most of the populace opt to simply use technology without giving a flying fig to why or how it works [the "It Just Works" syndrome]. Instead, science has developed into a religion [a la Foundation], with a bunch of near-immortal scientists shepherding a large, mortal populace.
One of the most popular pieces of technology is the nanite lattice which happens to be involved in quite a fair number of crimes each year. Granted, since a lattice is but invisible, it can be hard for authorities to quickly and convincingly explain a suspect's association with a crime, especially as most people have believed for centuries that they were simply telekinetic [this has also given rise to a 'low-science' cult popular among youngsters]. Instead, offenders are simply eliminated with conviction on the basis of evil sorcery and all that good jazz.

In order to subdue dangerous baddies with great justice and fury, Witch Hunters are typically armed with a strike lance, basically a pilebunker-missile-mace combo weapon. The strike lance's pilebunker is often employed to defeat armor, but more effective are impact blazers, a percussive weapon that is unaffected by either lattice or field shielding. Smaller impact blazers may be launched from a compression rifle, something of a cross between a grenade launcher and a crossbow. Some armors may mount more conventional weaponry such as autocannons, although oftentimes they are found firing exotic ammunition such as mass-compression shells. Less glamorous weapons include the armor's integral compliment of offensive nanite lattices and viral nanite canisters. Witch Hunter armor itself though, is suprisingly low-tech, both as a final safeguard against viral nanites and to facilitate field repairs. Hunter armor are always equipped with microclaws for field repairs; if not on the hands, then on the support claws. However, support claws are typically used to carry stowed weapons and so hand-mounted microclaws are preferred. Turbowinches are also a common sight, inherited from military battle armor.
Witch Hunter operatives, as scientists, can be assumed to have had extensive augmentation performed but a few individuals are known to have integrated with parts of their armor either due to injury or personal preference.

These two guys here are shown without the cloak that Witch Hunters usually hide themselves in. However, I've become partial to covering armor in fabric so I've only removed one armor sleeve from the lefthand armor's leg. I haven't really bothered to name any of the armors so I refer to the left one as "Inquisitor" and the right one as "Helsing." Also not sure if it's proper to call the spearhead a pilebunker considering that's a FME term, but everyone else seems to refer to the weapon mechanic as that...


it okay Hameru
i know now
must save Megucas

[Additional Witch Hunter artwork]
Witch Hunter by Tabnir

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