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August 27, 2010
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Starcraft 2: Ghost vs Spectre by Tabnir Starcraft 2: Ghost vs Spectre by Tabnir

It's been a while since I've done fanart. I usually don't do fanart because I'm not fanatical? Haha.

My friend told me I should enter this one SC2 art competition. I was resistant at first, but he used the "you could use more practice" argument on me and it was super effective!

I thought I'd test out my patience this time. Usually I slap down all my stuff in one sitting, but I took some time on this one, about 15 hours over 3 days. I think, quality-wise, this is a pretty big leap from my previous works. Now all I have to do is improve on it.

So here's a Starcraft 2 Spectre slashing at a Ghost with some sort of psi-charged kukri. SC2 is pretty damn fun, except I feel guilty when I play because the time could have been put into art. Got the best of both worlds this time, I guess!

PS4, many small studies done before painting but no direct refs.

I forgot, thanks :iconzeo-x:, :icon3xc355: and :icondasadam: for their insights and criticisms along the way.


Can't bear to look at my previous works now.


Edit: DD, wow. I'm honored; thanks everyone! Let's all keep producing and improving.


It had been my intention to use this piece to write a process/walkthrough, and here it is:

Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
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Ghost versus Spectre by =Tabnir Suggester says: "Tabnir has shown huge improvement in a short amount of time. His Ghost versus Spectre painting carries a great sense of action and is executed with vibrant colors." ( Suggested by XeroHaggard and Featured by MacRebisz )
grievousvsdarkahsoka Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hell yeah, THAT IS BADASS!
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nice work!
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This is awesomeness.
Amazing detail. :O
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Awesome work here
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Love it!
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Anyways...amazing picture O_O
Shadowwshade Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
I bet the Ghost is like.. "silly, don't you know I always have a backup rope?:P"
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This is amazing
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The moment I saw this I had to fave it. It was just pure awesomeness and I hope the spectre wins
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