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December 29, 2013
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Starbo Aerial Drone Tank by Tabnir Starbo Aerial Drone Tank by Tabnir
Yay, finally, more DEV:

 Something of a cross between an Apache, a Merkava, and a UCAV, the Starbo is a relatively cheap, high-endurance, semi-autonomous, networked aerial drone-tank ideal for urban pacification and garrison duty.

 Success with the Nadom drone prompted studies into a heavier version with better cross-country ability that was capable of dealing with hardened targets; this became known as the Redom. In the finest tradition of tank design, the Redom was effectively little more than a big gun attached to a big engine, wrapped in armor. Designed to be simple to service and reliable, skeptics derided it as crude, yet it was indisputably effective in the field. The Redom's success led to further refinements; the most notable derivative, dubbed Starbo, addresses the Redom's urban combat deficiencies through some novel innovations.
 In contrast to the fixed main gun slung under the parasol-like linear float unit seen on the Redom, the Starbo inherited a scaled up version of the Falné battlesuit's overwatch float-gun concept. An 88mm hybrid automatic coilgun is mounted to the variable incidence linear float unit, forming the Satiga module. This float-gun unit is slaved to the Starbo command chassis' fire control system, and in tandem with the secondary armament on the
command chassis, finally allows a heavy armor asset to provide close support of infantry without hampering its ability to defeat enemy armor from standoff range.
 Of course, the standard combat configuration finds the Satiga module fixed to the command chassis. The Starbo rarely ever walks in this state; rather the legs are usually folded up and typically only deployed to assist in making rapid and precise adjustments to orientation in close confines.
It should also be noted the Starbo can be optionally piloted by a single crewmember to act as a field command locus. This is generally not preferred, as it places significant limits on the drone's maneuvering parameters.
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now that's an interesting twist on those insect-like mechanical beasts!

overall very interesting!
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Welcome back! How have things been going for you, other than your obviously flourishing art skills?
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Things are alright, you?
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Better on my end, as i'm just starting to get some job experience and income. A rocky start for sure, but that's due to my inexperience in general. Should slowly improve over time.
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